KONE MonoSpace DX with external shaft

KONE MonoSpace® DX with external shaft

The KONE MonoSpace® DX redefines the elevator experience with built-in connectivity for improved people flow and a new and inspiring user experience that really connects – on every level.

Powered by the compact, energy-efficient KONE EcoDisc® hoisting motor, the KONE MonoSpace® DX saves valuable space in your building by completely removing the need for a machine room.

The KONE MonoSpace® DX with external shaft is designed for buildings where there isn’t enough space inside the building for an elevator shaft.

Key features

  • Digital connectivity - Future-proof your building with an elevator that offers new digital services and solutions enabled by cloud connectivity and based on KONE APIs.
  • Best-in-class eco-efficiency – Save energy and cut your building’s carbon footprint with a machine room-less elevator that offers eco-efficient hoisting, high-efficiency regenerative drive, long-lasting LED lighting, and energy-saving standby operation.
  • Carbon neutrality – Take a step closer to your climate targets with our option to compensate for the remaining embodied CO2 emissions of your MonoSpace® DX elevator.
  • A redefined elevator experience – Create a memorable and inspiring elevator experience for tenants and visitors with our new material, lighting, and signalization options.
  • Compliance you can rely on – With the KONE MonoSpace® DX you can rest assured that your building’s elevators are compliant with all relevant codes and regulations, including accessibility, vandal-resistance, and operation during a fire.
  • Easy to upgrade – With easy digital integration and the possibility to upgrade in the future as your needs change, you’re all set to add new connected services as and when you need them.

Λύσεις KONE MonoSpace DX

Ρίξτε μια ματιά στις παρακάτω προδιαγραφές προκειμένου να διαπιστώσετε ποια από τις τρεις λύσεις KONE MonoSpace DX είναι η κατάλληλη για το κτίριό σας.

KONE MonoSpace 700 DXΕυέλικτος ανελκυστήρας ατόμων για επαγγελματικά κτίρια με υψηλές απαιτήσεις διακίνησης ανθρώπων.Όχι90 m ή 36 όροφοι3,0 m/s2.500 kg/ έως 33 άτομα6
KONE MonoSpace 500 DX
Ευέλικτος ανελκυστήρας ατόμων για κτίρια κατοικιών και επαγγελματικά κτίρια μικρού και μεσαίου ύψους.Όχι75 m ή 24 όροφοι1,75 m/s1.150 kg/ έως 15 άτομα4
KONE MonoSpace 300 DX
Οικονομικός ανελκυστήρας ατόμων για κτίρια κατοικιών μικρού ύψουςΌχι40 m ή 14 όροφοι1,0 m/s1.000 kg/ έως 13 άτομα2

Your partner for smart, sustainable building



Our elevators use sustainable materials and include a wide range of energy-efficiency enhancements, helping you to obtain green building certifications such as LEED and BREEAM.



Our elevators are already the most energy-efficient on the market, and now you have the opportunity to offset the remaining CO2 emissions generated by any KONE MonoSpace ® 500 DX and 700 DX elevators that you purchase.



We support you at every step of the elevator modernization process, from planning and installation to handover. And with on-going maintenance and monitoring support, we’re there throughout your building’s life cycle.

Plan and design your elevator today

KONE Car Designer

KONE Car Designer

With our digital design tool you can create your own unique elevator car interior by combining materials, lighting, and accessories – and then bring your vision to life with 3D modelling.

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Λύσεις για κτίρια χωρίς ασανσέρ

Η εκ των υστέρων εγκατάσταση ασανσέρ θα είναι πολύ συντομότερη και θα σας δημιουργήσει λιγότερη αναστάτωση από ό,τι ίσως πιστεύετε. Οι ένοικοι θα αντιληφθούν αμέσως τα πλεονεκτήματα, το κτίριό σας θα γίνει ελκυστικότερο για τους ενδιαφερόμενους ενοικιαστές και η αξία του θα αναβαθμιστεί.

Λοιποί ανελκυστήρες για εκ των υστέρων τοποθέτηση

KONE ProSpace™

  • ΜΕΓ. ΔΙΑΔΡΟΜΗ 30 m
  • ΜΕΓ. ΦΟΡΤΙΟ 9 άτομα
  • ΜΕΓ. ΤΑΧΥΤΗΤΑ 0,6 m/s


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